21 Jun 2008

What's Happened?

The Happening

Is a good movie, i liked it. Some major themes it intensely explored for me were Death, Youth and Language. The possibility that the northeast USA is confronting a terrorist attack directly confronts the emotions of 9/11... with bodies dropping off a building in NYC as a terrible reminder. Central to the action is the way adults comforted children as people were dying. The film has one main premise: what if humans were afflicted the same way that bees are with colony collapse disorder. That horrifying possibility is what makes this a horror film.

The films action doesn't make sense. How can it, when it is confronting a human world that isn't making sense either. We are singlehandedly destroying the very environment that we need to survive. Mother Earth is reacting to our lack of logic and resisting... fighting back. The suicidal annihilation of bee colonies can seem to us lacking purpose or reason but the effects are clear... no more bees would have a devastating effect on life as we know it.

As the human colony collapse begins to unfold in the film a quote is flashed on the screen attributed to Einstein, " “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have four years left to live.” Whether or not he said it is debatable. Whether or not it is true is debatable as well. The only inarguable fact we can confront right now is that the bees are disappearing. The only part of the plot of "The Happening" that we can reliably comprehend is that people are killing themselves.

Our environment is being ravaged on catastrophic proportions. When a catastrophe occurs our language fails us and it is disorienting to our minds. This is captured in the fatal attacks of The Happening. The first stage of assault is loss of speech. The second is physical disorientation and the third is death.

The acting in the film lacks gravity... the goal of the actors is not to transport the viewer into the world of the film where their feelings and emotions mirror our own. The actors are more treated as delivery vehicles... they sacrifice authenticity and realism in order to force their situation directly onto the movie audience. It is simply not possible to realistically "act" in a way that confronts the illogic of our environmental actions. The only actors capable of doing that are the ones that are killing themselves. The ones in collapse.

But somehow there is good in humanity and hope for the environment... i cannot prove this but i feel it in my gut. Or maybe i am just hoping, because i don't want either to end. Likewise i know this was a good movie and i feel it in my gut as well...

because when the credits scrolled up i didn't want it to end.

It is relevant that the movie title occurs in present tense.

Beautiful Babylon Babies Unite !!!

This Blog existed after Bush II "the lesser" stole 2 elections, before Google ate Blogger,

This Blog existed after Bush II "the lesser" stole 2 elections, before Google ate Blogger,
Love Trumps hate.

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Poetic HyperLinks Defeating the Impossibilities of Peace

Also sprach Zarathustra to the brothasistahs lost out in the woods…
Rolling stones and hurricanes prime us for the rapid eye movement of whose dream?
A stairway to the dark side of the moon reveals an orchestrated King
singing the blues while sexual pistols whip Jesus’ son.
Who’s influence weens us?
Me and my friends gratefully raged against the machine for three days
in the shadow of the valley of the dead
so big brother and company held us down while the wind cried
nothing to be gained here (except copied rights),
Then a questing tribe of beastly boys found a digable plant
where a buffalo soldier picked up a Gideon’s bible from the Godfather
in joe’s garage (or was it in one of 200 motels?)
Anyway, on a Holiday, the pinball wizard boy (Billie)
followed his heart and stopped pretending he was the king of the little plastic castles
while education, missed in the house of the naked apes, evolved and mutated
into and with ~ Nature Art Love Truth ~ and we do too…
And somewhere over the rainbow dancing fools send clowns and purple rain
into imagine nations where everything is now sacred
and there are no more public enemies or rusted Roots or minor threats
or bad brains or busted rhymes or widespread panic
and everyone can read the hieroglyphics on the wall
and we are all refugees of courtney’s love attaining nirvana….
But then again, you’re so vain, you probly think this poem’s about you-
we are everywhere and we cannot be beaten
it’s all over now baby blue, all we need is Love
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