3 Aug 2007

Only one type of torture is not an atrocity

Consensual tickle torture.

Tickle torture

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Tickle torture is a form of torture where a victim is subjected to tickling over a prolonged period of time.
Tickle torture most often involves restraining a person so they cannot pull or move away from the source of tickling, finding highly ticklish spots on the body, and then subjecting the victim to prolonged tickling over minutes or even hours.


Is tickle torture real?

The debatable nature of tickle torture begins in that, historically, there is little evidence that it was actually practiced as a method of hard torture. Well-known torture epidemics, such as the Salem Witch Trials and the Spanish Inquisition, used methods of torture far more painful than acidosis from simple tickling.
As public humiliation, however, tickling would be an effective torture. In addition, a person being tickled and laughing cannot eat, drink, or sleep, meaning death by exhaustion if not by respiratory arrest, which is theoretically possible.

Possible tickle torture forms

"Chinese tickle torture" is a term used in Western Society to imply an ancient form of torture practiced by the Chinese, in particular the courts of the Han Dynasty. Chinese tickle torture was allegedly a punishment for nobility since it left no marks and a victim could recover relatively easily and quickly.
Another example of tickle torture was used in Ancient Rome, where a person’s feet are dipped in a salt solution, and a goat is brought in to lick the solution off. This type of tickle torture would only start as tickling, and in the end wind up being extremely painful.

The stocks are perhaps a device which gives credence to tickle torture as an actual torture method in that stocks are designed to restrain a person’s ankles, exposing their bare feet, thus allowing passersby to torture the soles with various methods such as tickling. According to tour guides at Colonial Williamsburg, people in the stocks could expect tormentors to “take off your shoes and socks and tickle your bare soles and toes.”
Another form of tickle torture is between siblings, lovers, and friends. In this scenario, one or more people gang up on one victim, proceed to hold down that person and tickle them to the point of helpless laughter. They will focus on tickling sensitive areas, like the soles of the bare feet and underarms. In this environment, however, the tickling perhaps last for no more than a few minutes and, should a person actually begin experiencing severe pain or discomfort the tickling would either be stopped by the initiators or another party (such as a parent) would step in.

Consensual tickle torture

In the world of fetishism, tickle torture may be found as an activity between two partners where one will tie up and tickle the other. Trends on Internet tickling websites and chat rooms also shows an increased level of recent interest in tickling partners in pantyhose. The pantyhose are used to increase a person’s ticklishness (especially on the feet) and may be worn by both men and women in this tickling experience.

Beautiful Babylon Babies Unite !!!

This Blog existed after Bush II "the lesser" stole 2 elections, before Google ate Blogger,

This Blog existed after Bush II "the lesser" stole 2 elections, before Google ate Blogger,
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Poetic HyperLinks Defeating the Impossibilities of Peace

Also sprach Zarathustra to the brothasistahs lost out in the woods…
Rolling stones and hurricanes prime us for the rapid eye movement of whose dream?
A stairway to the dark side of the moon reveals an orchestrated King
singing the blues while sexual pistols whip Jesus’ son.
Who’s influence weens us?
Me and my friends gratefully raged against the machine for three days
in the shadow of the valley of the dead
so big brother and company held us down while the wind cried
nothing to be gained here (except copied rights),
Then a questing tribe of beastly boys found a digable plant
where a buffalo soldier picked up a Gideon’s bible from the Godfather
in joe’s garage (or was it in one of 200 motels?)
Anyway, on a Holiday, the pinball wizard boy (Billie)
followed his heart and stopped pretending he was the king of the little plastic castles
while education, missed in the house of the naked apes, evolved and mutated
into and with ~ Nature Art Love Truth ~ and we do too…
And somewhere over the rainbow dancing fools send clowns and purple rain
into imagine nations where everything is now sacred
and there are no more public enemies or rusted Roots or minor threats
or bad brains or busted rhymes or widespread panic
and everyone can read the hieroglyphics on the wall
and we are all refugees of courtney’s love attaining nirvana….
But then again, you’re so vain, you probly think this poem’s about you-
we are everywhere and we cannot be beaten
it’s all over now baby blue, all we need is Love
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