9 Feb 2008

Hung Jury

Open Letter to a Jury of my Peers

For four years now I have patiently worked within our Legal System to defend my rights as a citizen of the U.S.A. I have followed the advice of lawyers to the best of my abilities every step of the way and acted with as much patience and understanding as has been humanly possible. My case has been delayed for so long that another RNC approaches and the injustices inflicted upon me at the last one remain completely unresolved.

I will now list the specific instances of fascist action that have been done to me since I stood on a sidewalk in Times Square, NYC after a Peace March, with a sign that said "BRING OUR TROOPS HOME NOW" on one side and had a picture of Bush on the other side, giving US the finger.

I believe, with God as my Witness, that these actions are the result of a treasonous cabal of fanatical Christian white men, with the ultimate responsibilities resting squarely on the shoulders of an unholy trinity... Prescott Sheldon Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush and George Walker Bush. As a family they have done business with the Nazi Regime, taken control of the C.I.A. and the global illegal drug trade, stolen an election and begun a false war.

1~ I was not permitted entry to the RNC because of my refusal to sign a loyalty oath to the Republican National Party.

2~ I and all those gathered to protest the RNC were refused a site to publicly gather, specifically Central Park and/or Times Square.

3~ The N.Y.P.D. was ordered to be a menacing presence at every organized protest I attended... including drawn batons and the display of large numbers of handcuffs.When they interacted with protestors they used undercover agents and provoked violence.

4~ After illegally arresting civilians who exercised freedom of Religion and Expression, the N.Y.P.D. took us to a specifically designed facility that punished us chemically, emotionally and morally.

5~ After releasing me from incarceration I was ordered by a judge to not be arrested at any other political gatherings for six months, or face harsher punishment.

6~After bringing a lawsuit against my illegal arrest I became legally bound to report to the State legal defense team any statements or discussions I have ever made regarding my arrest.

Every one of these injustices has been thrust upon me by a system of Law and Government that was created to protect me, not persecute me.

I write this letter against the advice of my family and legal representative...

I write this letter because I have already lost my freedom and I fight peaceably for a righteous future.

As an American child I was repeatedly told that Nazi German guards were not morally accountable for sending people to their deaths in a systematic Holocaust.

I do not hold the N.Y.P.D. morally responsible for my arrest.

True Patriotism involves the ability and freedom to criticize governmental action in a rational and peaceful manner.

When the Government lacks rationality and peace, it is time for revolutionary change.

I have lived every moment of my life since the arrest as the subject of an oppressive system.

By this public declaration and appeal to reason and justice, I am making one small motion towards a return to civility and natural order. Being a natural born citizen of the United States of America and the proud son of at least three generations of U.S. Military warriors...

I have had the privelage of living with, loving and respecting not only the homeless folk of my hometown but also soldiers and Marines from ranks Private to Colonel. Family friends include Admirals and undercover F.B.I. agents. One of my best friends in college was the son of one of the Cold War Directors of the C.I.A. I have spent a weekend in Virginia hearing stories of low altitude helicopter surveillance in Central America by the N.S.A. and A.T.F. An Iraq War Veteran and Officer married my little sister.

I have friends that are judges and lawyers.

One inalienable fact of being an American Citizen is that I have the right to hold opinions that none of those people agree with.

As long as I respect the laws of the land and work towards peace and growth, our entire system of Government and Law has been created to protect and defend me in the pursuit of my dreams.

That is why we have a military, to defend that for all of us now and for all those to come after. Only the defense of this freedom is a just cause for war.

Our treasonous leaders have blocked global initiatives for dismantling nuclear armaments, making peace treaties and working for a healthier ecology.

Our treasonous court system has repeatedly not honored agreements and treaties made with Indigenous cultures across the entire world.

Representatives of the treasonous U.S. Government have investigated every possible aspect of my life, public and private. My personal belongings have been unpacked and searched. I have been deported by the U.S. Consulate in Oaxaca, Mexico by a U.S. Government agent named Mark Leyes not once, but twice.

I have been fingerprinted, incarcerated and forced to endure four years of a still unresolved court case.

I ask you, a jury of my peers, to address my grievances and help create a world where this never has to happen to anyone else

and those responsible for this illegitimate situation need to be stopped and punished...
not someday...


Beautiful Babylon Babies Unite !!!

This Blog existed after Bush II "the lesser" stole 2 elections, before Google ate Blogger,

This Blog existed after Bush II "the lesser" stole 2 elections, before Google ate Blogger,
Love Trumps hate.

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